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500 Watt LED Grow Light

Item Number: LT-C270-500W
Real Work Power: 500 Watt
LED Quantity: 448 pieces
Certification: ETL&cETL, CE Certified
Quality Assurance: 5 years Warranty
Best Driver: Meanwell

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Product Details

                                      500 Watt LED Grow Light


Parameters of 500 Watt LED Grow Light

Optical Data

Electrical Data

LED Type


Power Supply

Meanwell Driver


448 PCS

Input Voltage

AC 100-277V


380nm-730nm (full spectrum)

Power Frequency

50/ 60Hz

Luminous Flux


Power Efficiency


Beam Angle

90x90 degree, 144x62 degree

Power Factor



7/2/1   6/3/1   (IR UV Green White optional)

Product Feature of 500 Watt LED Grow Light

1, 500 watt LED grow light is with ETL&cETL Certification. With 5 years warranty,
Having introduced the ETL Listed LT- Commercial Grow Light Series , illuminating the conversation around safety certification and compliance, and redefining purchasing decisions for both consumers

and commercial operations, Szriotinto LED Grow Lights has proven itself as a excellent one choice for indoor grow lights.


2.500 watt LED grow light without fan, It can work silent and more stable. Using the aluminum body heat-sink to instead the ordinary iron body. Good heat dissipation, can save energy bills of the cooling fan. Bay the way , The 500 watt LED grow light with Meanwell driver, so the lamps with real working power . Can't compare with other false power plant lights.



3.500 watt LED grow light with many spectrum , different plant used different full spectrum.

图片4.jpg 图片5.jpg



How to make the green wall plant survive?

At present, the indoor green wall is mainly divided into two types. I describe it as a vertical farm and a tapestry. The former

The plants are more inclined to be placed vertically, you can understand that the vegetation layering is superimposed from top to bottom; the latter is more like

A tapestry stuck to the wall, the vegetation grows from the wall at a horizontal angle.


(tapestry type plant wall)

Both the former and the latter have conditions that must be met: light, water and air.

In fact, the size of the green wall can be large or small, there is no excessive demand for the location, the dining space can be

At the beginning of the design and decoration, the construction of the green plant wall will be coordinated, or the green wall will be introduced after the renovation is completed.

(Of course this requires additional trial work).

The most critical aspect of a green wall is a well-functioning water circulation system, in a restaurant-efficient environment.

The water circulation system can be automated by waterfall watering and bottom tanks. And this system

It can provide a soil-free environment, and most directly it is important to maintain a clean, pest-free environment.

When the tapestry-type green wall is installed, the roots will have some dirt, and with the cycle of several times a day

Brush, the nutrients in the soil enter the sink, or add nutrient solution in the sink, you can gradually enter the soilless environment;

Vertical farms also need such systems, especially if you can’t give up the soil environment.

Drip and circulation systems are even more important.

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