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Full Spectrum Grow Light

1. With the high coincidence wavelength of the solar spectrum, according to the preferences of plants and set different spectra. 2. Suitable for different plants of any periods, and comprehensively promote plant photosynthesis 3. To stimulate the potential growth ability and nutrients, and enhance the ability of plant resistance to the virus. 4. Raise more survival rate of the plants than those in the general light sources. 5. Increase the fruit, inhibit the leggy, shorten the growth cycle, and increase the production. 6. It can also produce light and synthesize fill light in the rainy days. 7. No professional guidance,and novice can also operate simply.

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Product Details

Full Spectrum Grow Light

1. With the high coincidence wavelength of the solar spectrum, according to the preferences of plants and set different spectra.

2. Suitable for different plants of any periods, and comprehensively promote plant photosynthesis

3. To stimulate the potential growth ability and nutrients, and enhance the ability of plant resistance to the virus.

4. Raise more survival rate of the plants than those in the general light sources.

5. Increase the fruit, inhibit the leggy, shorten the growth cycle, and increase the production.

6. It can also produce light and synthesize fill light in the rainy days.

7. No professional guidance,and novice can also operate simplely.


Part number


Work Power


LED Chips

560pcs/672pcs/784pcs SMD3030


AC100-277 or 180-277v ,50/60Hz

Light recipes

380nm-730nm (full spectrum)


506×540×168mm   or 591×540×168mm


5 Years


CE Rosh, With UL driver

Beam Angle


Product feature 

LT-CL270-600-800W, 5 years warranty. 

We have many spectrum suit for vegetable nursery period, marijuana,succulent etc.

spectrum showing

different spectrum showing

Waterproof IP66

IP66 waterproof testing

Quality Control:

100% of the lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 24 hours to test its quality reliability, and we will also test its;temperature after 24 hours.

Then after it is cool we again test 100% of the lamps to see if it still work well;

Each lamp should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customer.

About us

Riotinto has been dedicated into LED special lighting field for over 7 years. 

Extensive R&D capability and great innovation made us become the professional enterprise in LED applications. 

By continuously market study and research, we have widened our product portfolio, which have been widely used in U.S, Europe and Latin America. 

And we have been successfully recognized as the most reliable OEM manufacturer for worldwide brand lighting companies.

Future Opportunities

Our core competence is to apply our product advantage and uniqueness by customizing project-driven products to achieve optimum efficiency from which it can ensure you strong advantage in LED lighting market. We also welcome any of your product concepts and we may together open a new version of LED lighting, this could also bring up your own identical product category.

Shenzhen Riotinto lighting is always striving for the up to date technology and strongly believe by well connecting to the market frontier and cooperating with local partners in such field is the best and only way to root into the market steady and strongly.

Production Process

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