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Analysis of the impact of Sino-US trade disputes on the lighting industry
- Aug 18, 2018 -

On the afternoon of August 14th, in the online salon of the classroom, Chen Yan, director of the China Lighting Association, gave a comprehensive report and in-depth analysis on the Sino-US trade disputes. At the same time, he answered many of the focus issues of the company's concerns. Details are as follows.


1. The impact of Sino-US trade disputes on the lighting industry is currently reflected. If it has not yet been reflected, then when do you expect to be fully presented?

Chen Yansheng: At present, it has not been reflected. From the point of view of export data, there is still no impact, and the basics are still normal. From the current point of view, LEDs are basically flat and have increased slightly. Since the 200 billion increase in tariffs has not yet been implemented, it will not be known until the beginning of September that the 25% of the 200 billion increase is officially implemented. If implemented, I think it will have an impact.


2. Some scientific research projects between China and the United States, such as smart lighting, agricultural lighting and other cross-border cooperation, then the impact of Sino-US trade disputes on such projects?

Chen Yansheng: As far as I know, the official cooperation project has not been seen yet, and the civil cooperation projects should not be greatly affected.

3. If the manufacturers of export lighting products use American lighting products, such as Cree, will they receive tariff reductions?

Chen Yansheng: This is not decided by China. It depends on the US government. They have some immunity rights.

4. After the increase of tariffs, will it cause the US manufacturing industry to return, causing US lighting products to replace Chines