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How RGB&RGBW Wall Washer Works ?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

   There are many types RGB&RGBW flood light on the market, they are with different design and quality.

    RGB&RGBW flood lights mainly need 4 parts to work perfectly.

     1,   Lamp itself , the light is with lamp body and led pcb . 

     2, The DMX decoder or wireless RGB&RGBW receiver.

         DMX512 type will have need a DMX512 decoder to convert  the univeral standard DMX512 signal into PWM signal to drive LEDs, the decoder works with DMX controller, realize 0-100% brightness and varius changing effect. 

image.pngWaterproof type DMX Decoder.png

DMX RGB Light wire connection , DMX controller → DMX decoder → RGB LED Chips

DMX RGB&RGBW light wire connection.png

Wireless control type RGB&RGBW light is similar .

R4-5A Wireless RGBW receiver.pngwireless rgb diagram.png

    3,Power supply. in above pictures , you can see , the power supply supply power to the RGB&RGBW decoder , and then the decoder control the LEDs. That is how the RGB&RGBW flood light works.


    4,  DMX512 controller or Wireless RGB&RGBW remote controller.

        Remote control type will be very simple to control , just  a remot controller to control the lights, it is very easy to use and very convenient. but the wireless type have limited color changing option and limited control area around 30meters. So it  is commonly suitable samll project and small area.

        DMX512 control type controller, there are many type DMX512 controllers on the market. Some of them are simple a pannel,and some types just a manual controller. some very powerful controller can work with computer and can set a lot of color changing model you want.


DX8 RGBW controller.pngDMX RGB Controller.png

DMX512 Controller.png