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Common Grow light for plant wall
- Aug 06, 2018 -

 Light is the father of plants.

Due to its high concentration on the façade space, many plant leaves are stacked together to form an intensive three-dimensional landscape. The sequel of plant units outside the single-square plant wall is generally 36-81 units. There are some physiological requirements derived from the beautiful landscape. Among them, there are new requirements for the amount of light supplementation. The plant wall is only 30%-35% of the ordinary potted gardening due to the overlapping of the unit plants. This requires the builder of the plant wall to fill the plant wall according to different environments. But not all plant walls require physiological light, which can be divided into many forms depending on the environment.

The choice of plant wall fill light is an important work for plant wall fill light. Due to different conditions such as space, structure, environment, atmosphere, aesthetic requirements, etc., the choice of fill light is also divided into different types.

1,Light strip rendering light

2, LED Track Light type grow light

3, Blue/Red type LED Grow Light 

4,Cluster lighting

5. Embedded led flood light 

6,Ceiling spotlight