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Three Development Trend of the Future LED Lighting
- Jul 19, 2018 -

At present, the LED lighting industry is divided into three phases:

The first stage is the extensive use of LEDs, emphasizing luminous performance and setting measurement and product specifications, in line with building regulations, and the unification of technical terms, while China is currently in the first phase. LED products slowly penetrated the market and gradually expanded in size.

The second stage is to emphasize the improvement of light quality. Guangchen Lighting pays more and more attention to consumers' feelings about LED quality, and is committed to making LED light source and color temperature closer to natural light.

The third stage is to enter the system integration, into the "smart lighting", more importantly, the cross-domain integration of LED applications, such as the integration of metropolitan power supply systems, or the use of LED products in agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry.


Future lighting trends are in three directions:

First, the future "smart lighting" will become the key to the final battle LED market. When the LED lighting penetration rate has grown significantly from 10%, the market has entered the rapid growth period of the S curve. From this year onwards, it is estimated that the LED industry will enter the golden three-year growth period of lighting. However, after 2017~2018, the replacement demand is coming to an end, the market begins to enter the latter part of the S curve, the growth rate will be significantly slowed down, and the “smart lighting system” will become the key to the next stage, and is currently in the exhibition. It can be observed that Guangchen Lighting has begun to deploy smart lighting wireless control system in this direction. It is equipped with a wireless wall control panel or mobile APP, which can control the light source and customize 8 sets of lighting sources that are customary. There are 100 sets of situations. And choose the color visible to the naked eye.

Second, "seeing the light without seeing the light" is an important trend in the design of LED lamps. Nowadays, more and more operators are developing integrated luminaires, breaking through the limitations of traditional luminaires, and developing lighting systems with aesthetics and design sense. The concept of “seeing the light without seeing the light” in the future will be an important trend in the development of lighting.

Third, LED lamps from "production" to "lighting design" to illuminate home life. Liu Junting, director of the Institute of Electro-Optics of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, stressed that if Taiwanese companies continue to want to shine in the LED industry in the future, they will inevitably merge with small-scale light source design companies to integrate LED products with systems or building materials. From the concept of “production” in the past to the concept of “design”, the emphasis is not on “quantification” but on “feeling”. At present, Guangchen Lighting is actively preparing and deploying.