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Does LED plant light Luminous Angle matter?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

The light emitted by the LED plant lamp is not the same in each direction. In theory, the normal light intensity is the maximum light intensity. The actual maximum light intensity will be slightly deviated due to the manufacturing process tolerance. The normal light intensity is perpendicular to the light. Light intensity in the direction of the beads.

 LED Grow Light Beam angle.png

        To understand the meaning of the maximum light intensity, the illumination angle of the plant lighting LED plant light is better understood. For example, the maximum light intensity of the LED is 600LX, then the angle between the two opposite light intensityes of 300LX is the illumination angle of the LED plant light.


        Why do LED plant lights have different illumination angles? What is the significance of different LED plant light illumination angles for plant growth?


        Plants can be divided into positive plants, negative plants, and shade-tolerant plants according to the demand for light, and very few plants do not have photosynthesis without chloroplasts. That is to say, different plant growth requirements for lighting are different.


        LED plant lights set different illumination angles to meet the needs of different plants. For example, the LED plant lamp with the same power is 100W. It is more suitable for the negative-negative plant to fill light when the illumination angle is 120°. It is more suitable for the positive-positive plant fill light when the illumination angle is 45°.

 Grow lIght luminous angle .png

        Plant lighting LED plant light illumination angle and light distance should be combined, according to the planting area, the plant needs to fill the light and use different power LED plant lights and plant lights with different illumination angles, combined with different light distance to reach the most Good plant fill light effect!