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Hign Efficiency RGB LED discover by Turkish team
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The Turkish team develops high-performance LEDs with a significant increase in luminous efficiency

A research team at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey, developed a high-performance LED. The researchers placed the quantum dots in the liquid directly into the LED device, and the luminous efficiency was 50% higher than that of the solid quantum dots.

The researchers covered the LED with a transparent polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) lens, injecting a liquid mixed with colloidal quantum dots into the lens for color-converted illumination. This lens automatically repairs the injection hole after injecting liquid to prevent liquid from leaking out.

The researchers pointed out that the equivalent sub-points are taken out of the liquid and the emission efficiency is reduced when used in solid form. The efficiency of loss is called the matrix effect. Through the presence of liquids, high quantum yields, and adjustable quantum dots, the researchers successfully suppressed matrix effects.

Due to the reduced matrix effect, the luminous efficiency is also greatly improved. In LEDs with red, blue and green light as the light source, 64 lm can be emitted per watt, and green and blue LEDs can be used as the light source, which can reach 105 lm per watt.