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How to check UL certification
- Aug 24, 2018 -

 UL query network:


Specific query method:

1. According to the UL certificate number: Enter the UL file number in the “UL File Number” text box, and then press “SEARCH”.

 2. By company profile: Enter the company's full name or part of the keyword (preferably some keywords) in the "Company Name" text box, then press "SEARCH". 

3. Press CCN: Enter CCN in the “UL Category Code” text box, and then press “SEARCH”, so you can query the manufacturer information of all such products. 

4. By region: Enter the English name of the city in “city”, such as “beijing”, you can query all the manufacturers who have done UL in Beijing.

The significance of the UL certification mark for the company:

1. The entire US market pays great attention to product safety; consumers and purchasers will choose products with UL certification mark when purchasing products.

2, UL history has more than 100 years, the image of security is deeply rooted in consumers and the government, if you do not directly sell products to consumers, the middlemen will also require products with UL certification mark, so that the products sell well.

3. American consumers and purchasers have more confidence in the products of the company.

4. The federal, state, county, and municipal governments of the United States have more than 40,000 political districts and all recognize the UL certification mark.