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How to identify the quality of Outdoor Landscape light
- Sep 03, 2018 -

The floodlights have the effect of collecting light, so they are also called spotlights. They can play a very good decorative role in various architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting. Many floodlights are installed outdoors, so only the quality can guarantee the effect and longevity of the use. So how do you identify the quality of the spotlight?

First, identify by a multimeter

Reliable floodlight manufacturers will place a large number of lamp beads in the lamp during production. In order to ensure the rated power, the chip size of these lamp beads meets the requirements and the brightness is also high. If you want to know if the quality of the spotlight has reached the requirements, you can use a multimeter to measure the spotlight to see if the actual power can reach the calibration value.


Second, identify by sealing

Since the use of the spotlights is quite special, most of them are outdoors, and wind and rain are inevitable. Therefore, the quality of the waterproof performance will directly affect the service life of the floodlights. The well-sealed floodlights do not easily enter the water when the waterproof performance is good. The sealed floodlights are generally characterized by good quality of the lamp housing and a very high level of sealing strip.

Third, identify by weight

Since the spotlight converts a part of the energy into heat when it is used, it needs good heat dissipation to dissipate the heat, otherwise it will lead to serious safety hazards. Therefore, the high-quality spotlights tend to have a sufficient material for the outer casing, and the fins are relatively thick, so the overall weight is relatively large. If you want to know the two projectors of the same power, which quality is better, you can get a weight, and the quality of the hand feels better than the hand.

When choosing a spotlight, if you are hesitant and don't know which one to buy, you can use the three methods described above to identify the quality. This can help you find quality-assist spotlights from a wide range of spotlights, and good-quality spotlights can be fully functional and have a longer life.