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How to make the green wall plant survive?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

At present, the indoor green wall is mainly divided into two types. I describe it as a vertical farm and a tapestry. The former

The plants are more inclined to be placed vertically, you can understand that the vegetation layering is superimposed from top to bottom; the latter is more like

A tapestry stuck to the wall, the vegetation grows from the wall at a horizontal angle.


(tapestry type plant wall)

Both the former and the latter have conditions that must be met: light, water and air.

In fact, the size of the green wall can be large or small, there is no excessive demand for the location, the dining space can be

At the beginning of the design and decoration, the construction of the green plant wall will be coordinated, or the green wall will be introduced after the renovation is completed.

(Of course this requires additional trial work).

The most critical aspect of a green wall is a well-functioning water circulation system, in a restaurant-efficient environment.

The water circulation system can be automated by waterfall watering and bottom tanks. And this system

It can provide a soil-free environment, and most directly it is important to maintain a clean, pest-free environment.

When the tapestry-type green wall is installed, the roots will have some dirt, and with the cycle of several times a day

Brush, the nutrients in the soil enter the sink, or add nutrient solution in the sink, you can gradually enter the soilless environment;

Vertical farms also need such systems, especially if you can’t give up the soil environment.

Drip and circulation systems are even more important.


                                                     LED Grow Light for plant wall 

Generally, the indoor space is not enough to provide the light needed for plant photosynthesis, so the green wall requires a photo of the light.

Gu, in general, the current restaurant mainly uses metal element lights, which have larger heat and more comprehensive light coverage.

The light in the 460-720 band can promote the growth of plants, and the general spotlights are enough to cope. And in a larger area of professional

Soilless farms use LED technology, and only use two effective bands of red and blue, which of course is not


Suitable for service spaces.

In terms of air, there is a need for circulating air, whether it is a natural wind brought by doors and windows or a fresh air system. one

In general, plants are more tolerant than humans, so humans feel comfortable indoor temperatures, not for plants.

There are problems, more than 12 degrees, 18 degrees is a very suitable temperature for growth.