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Illumination landscape lamp's effective utilization and decorative effect
- May 08, 2018 -

With the promotion of energy-saving lighting demonstration projects, the design of energy-saving lighting landscape lamps has become the most concerned issue for street lamp manufacturers, and it is recognized that in order to achieve high-efficiency and energy saving, lighting landscape lamps should first adopt energy-saving light sources. This is to promote energy-efficient lighting landscape lamps. The premise; followed by the size and shape of energy-saving light sources, carefully designed the optical system of the lamps and lanterns to improve the effective utilization of the landscape lights and decorative effects.

The dimming method of modern landscape lights is more advanced, convenient and flexible than before. In addition to the dimming devices and switch devices installed in the lamps, the energy-saving landscape lights also use integrated infrared receivers or remote-controlled dimming devices to cast light. The light source is dimmed or programmed using computer for dimming. And the existing dimming system can implement stepless dimming and delayed illumination at different places simultaneously.

Lighting landscape lights use scene selectors - working with light sources and low-voltage lighting systems, using a common connection to combine flexible lighting design with multi-point control. This kind of scene dimmer and long-distance scene controller can be installed in multiple ways and randomly combined. It is convenient, flexible, and has significant control effect.