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Influence Analysis of Different Configurations of Outdoor Street Lamps
- May 08, 2018 -

The choice of outdoor street lighting in the lighting market is also diverse. If we want to choose a guaranteed service life, then we need to understand its configuration options. To a certain extent, different configuration options will affect the use of outdoor street lamps. The effect, and even some life spans vary in length.

The first is the choice of light source for outdoor lighting street lamps, which have different service life with the lighting source, low-pressure sodium lamps, low-voltage electrodeless lamps, LED lamps, low-voltage fluorescent lamps and other types of light sources, and their service life is not the same, but the lighting outdoor street lamps More commonly used LED light source, mainly due to a good quality of life at 50,000 hours, theoretically 10 hours a day lighting, can be used for more than 10 years.

There is a light source starter for outdoor street lights. The starter method is not the same as the starter. Different ballasts or drive power lights are required. This part has a great influence on the light source. Especially LED light source. Today, constant current source drivers are commonly used. It is important that the constant current source is good or bad and that the size of the parameters is suitable for the light source. Mainly to see: constant current accuracy, output power, maintenance circuit, parameter setting scale and so on.