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Landscape lights get more use
- May 08, 2018 -

According to relevant data, China’s lighting power consumption accounts for approximately 12% of the total electricity consumption of the entire society, while urban lighting accounts for about 30% of the lighting power consumption. Therefore, energy saving and environmental protection of lighting is more valued and this country puts forward “ Urban green lighting project", energy-saving lighting landscape lights get more use.

With the rapid advancement of urbanization, urban lighting facilities have grown substantially. The use of landscape lights has enabled “energy saving and emission reduction” to fall into place. Lighting landscape lights promote the combination of technology and art, and the use of natural and human factors to reproduce urban features will become more and more Many urban lighting solutions are reflected.

In the modern city lighting, the landscape lamps and lanterns, with their concise and novel shapes, form a harmonious picture with the modern city while providing lighting, giving people a kind of beautiful enjoyment. Outdoor landscape lights have a huge energy-saving effect. With the advancement of society, landscape lights are no longer confined to simple design, because they take into account the different lighting needs of different lighting locations in lighting projects, landscape lights to do more tricks, more styles.