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LED underwater light Instruction
- Sep 05, 2018 -

LED underwater light

Led underwater light, also known as LED underwater light, is a kind of underwater light, simple refers to the light installed under the water, the appearance is small and exquisite, beautiful and generous, the appearance and some buried lights are almost the same, just more Mounting chassis, the chassis is fixed with screws. Because the LED underwater light is used under the water bottom and needs to bear a certain pressure, it is generally made of stainless steel material, 8-10MM tempered glass, high quality waterproof joint, silicone rubber sealing ring, curved multi-angle refractive tempered glass, waterproof and dustproof. , anti-leakage, corrosion resistance.



1. LED underwater light is a kind of underwater lighting with LED as the light source. The combination of red, green and blue is the perfect choice for fountains, theme parks, exhibitions, commercial and art lighting. In order to make the LED underwater light better heat dissipation, it is recommended to use the lighter below the water surface.

2. In order to achieve a good waterproof effect of the LED underwater light, the protection effect of the LED underwater light should be above IP67, and the light can be placed below 5 meters from the water surface. The best projection angle is 25. The controller control achieves the synchronization effect and can be connected to the DMX console. Each unit has an independent address. The red, green and blue lights are respectively composed of three corresponding DMX channels. There are two control modes: external control and internal control. The internal control can be built with multiple change modes (up to six types) without an external controller, while the external control must be configured with an external control controller to achieve color change. Most of the outside control.

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Application effect

3. The LED underwater light uses the best super bright LED as the light source, and the light bulb can emit 100,000 hours. Each underwater light consists of 360 light sources (120 red, 120 blue, 120 green). Good light source materials allow the lamp to last longer and achieve the most satisfactory lighting results.

4. The LED underwater light is connected to the control system using a five-core cable. The entire system consists of a DMX controller, a distribution box and lamps and distributions that can be placed in the water. The entire luminaire is perfectly combined.

5. The LED underwater light has an active retaining clip that adjusts the projection angle and position. The entire luminaire is designed to prevent bromine and chlorine attack