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LG Innotek enters the horticultural LED market and release 30 LED packages
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Recently, South Korea's LG Innotek said that it has entered the gardening LED market and launched a full range of "gardening LEDs". LG Innotek said that for the horticultural LED series, 30 LED packages are available based on optical wavelength and power optimization. In addition to visible light LEDs, the company also introduced horticultural UV LEDs.

LG Innotek expects to accelerate market penetration through its extensive product lineup and unique technology, and is currently increasing its sales to lighting and module companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

Various wavelengths produce "physiological reactions" such as flowering and photosynthesis

LG Innotek develops gardening LEDs based on changes in wavelength of light.

It says its 380 nm wavelength UV-A LED enhances the phytochemicals of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and lutein. In addition, the company's 405nm wavelength LED emits violet light, which thickens the leaves of the plant and makes the color clearer. A 660 nm wavelength LED emitting dark red light and a 450 nm wavelength LED emitting blue light can accelerate growth and shorten the growth cycle by promoting photosynthesis.

The company noted that its gardening LEDs are very useful for environmentally friendly organic agriculture. 530nm LED lamps can inhibit mold development; 615nm wavelength LEDs can drive off annoying pests.


The company will optimize LEDs for lighting location, crop type and required functions

The company optimizes LEDs for lighting locations, crop types and required functions. The company's 30 different wavelength, output and irradiation angles of garden LED lighting products make this optimization possible.

LG Innotek plans to introduce another 730nm NIR LED this year. According to the company, the product can increase the content of specific ingredients, such as sugar in crops, and can be used to grow functional crops.