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Swedish vertical farm buys LED growth lights
- Aug 14, 2018 -

On August 8th, Heliospectra, known for its intelligent LED lighting systems in plant science and horticulture, announced that a Swedish vertical agricultural company, Ljusgarda AB, had issued a list of 1.3 million kronor (about RMB 950,000) to Heliospectra. Buy Heliospectr's LED lighting solutions.

It is reported that Ljusgarda AB is located in Tibro, Sweden. The company changed an old local factory into a 7,000-square-meter indoor controlled environment factory with an annual capacity of 1,000 tons of food. By using hydroponics vertical planting, coupled with efficient LED lighting, crops can grow throughout the year without the need for pesticides.

Andreas Wilhelmsson, CEO of Ljusgarda, said the company's goal is to provide customers with delicious and high quality vegetables. During crop cultivation, pesticides are not needed and water consumption is low, which is 100% renewable energy. In addition, long-term transportation and emissions can be avoided as crops are produced locally.

Heliospectra's plant growth lamps can play a key role in growing crops in a controlled environment. With this growth lamp, growers can adjust different spectra to meet the growth needs of different crops. Due to the harsh weather conditions, achieving high quality and high yields throughout the year is a challenge for Sweden, and Ljusgarda is able to create an optimal environment to accelerate crop harvesting and increase the production of high quality production throughout the year.

Official news shows that Heliospectra will ship in the third and fourth quarters of 2018.