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Talking about LED chips
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Talking about LED chips

(1) Low-power in-line LED lamp beads

Generally according to the diameter of the model, 3mm 4mm 5mm 8mm 10mm 12mm

Regardless of the diameter, the operating voltage and operating current are the same.

Color points: red light yellow light 1.7--2.1V

White light blue warm white light pink light purple light 2.8--3.6V

Green light 2.6--3.4V

(2) LED lamp beads have various specifications

1, 0.06W, the voltage is 2.5-3.5V, the current is 20mA.

2, 0.5W, the voltage is 2.5-3.77V, the current is 150mA.

3, 1W, the voltage is 2.79-3.99V, the current is 350mA.

4, 3W, the voltage is 3.05-4.47V, the current is 700mA.

5, 5W, the voltage is 3.16-4.88V, the current is 1000mA.

Lamp 1W current: 320-350mA, the selection drive is generally 300mA current, chip size 30mil, 35mil, 40mil, 45mil.

Lamp 3W current: 700mA, drive 600mA, chip size 45mil.

The 1W 3W voltage is between 3.0-3.6V, which is better than 3.2-3.4V.

LED lamp beads commonly used for lighting are available from 0.5w to 5w, and the operating voltage is around 3-3.2V.

(3) The method for distinguishing LED lamp beads is as follows:

1. Look at the brightness, that is, the driving current at 350mA, the brightness when the voltage is between 3.0-3.6V, the higher the better.

2. Look at the brand and size of the chip. The brands include NICHIA, CREE, Puri, Xuming, Jingyuan, New Century, etc. The more the better, the bigger the chip, the better.

3. Look at the sub-BIN, that is, the color temperature partition and the voltage sub-BIN, the finer the better.

4. Look at the attenuation, you need to do the aging test, the light decay is as small as possible.