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Technology Farmers Planting New Indicators - YPFD
- Aug 18, 2018 -

The measurement analysis of the light source was explored by the most "technical farmers". Because Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) is directly related to photosynthesis, the information obtained from these measurements provides the number of photons in the visible wavelength range (400 nm to 700 nm) in μmol. /m2s), "Technology Farmer" can adjust the illumination time and spectral composition of the light source by observing these measurement information, thereby optimizing the germination, growth, flowering and fruiting time of the plant, and maintaining stable quality.

But is it only sufficient to observe the photon flux density (PPFD)? Most of the PPFD gauges on the market only provide measurement results of "sunlight energy", but most of the technology agriculture uses "artificial light sources" to make up. Or replace solar energy. In addition, giving the plant excessive light energy does not actually make the plant grow better and stronger, but it will cause the leaf burning phenomenon, causing the plant to appear spots and color dissimilation.

In addition, the traditional PPFD measuring device cannot measure the spectrum. The spectrum is very important for plant growth. Different wavelengths of light have different effects on different plants and different growth stages, and the light that gives the plant wrong is controlled even if the optical quantum density is properly controlled. Will cause poor plant growth and can not achieve good growth results.