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The biggest offshore lighting contract? The Royal Navy’s 1 million pounds ordered 100,000 LED tubes from the company.
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Foreign media reported that the Royal Navy ordered 100,783 LED tubes at a price of 1 million pounds (about 8.75 million yuan), which is considered to be a recognition of this technology. The order was received by Ledison Lighting (the LED lighting division of the Voltacon Group), one of the company's largest orders ever.

    These lamps will be installed on 21 ships, including six Type 45 destroyers, 13 Type 23 frigates and two recently acquired flagship aircraft carriers - the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales (HMS Queen Elizabeth) And HMS Prince of Wales).


    The picture shows a T45 destroyer (left) and the new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. These ships were originally equipped with fluorescent sources, but will now be replaced with 100,000 LED tubes (T5 and T8 tubes, etc.).

    It is said that the Royal Navy engineers have tested about 3,000 LED lighting devices before they began ordering 21 ships.

    In Voltacon's factory in China, about 100 employees worked continuously for 45 days to produce LED tubes and completed orders in record time.

    Subsequently, the lights were transported to the Portsmouth Naval Base where the warships docked, where they were installed in batches by 40 electricians of the defense contractor BAE Systems.


    “This is probably the world's largest contract for offshore lighting,” said Stefanos Kandilidis, general manager of Voltacon.

    “We have been discussing with the Ministry of Defence for three years, and they have been testing the luminaires for three years before the fleet’s refurbishment began.”

    It is reported that any offshore application of the ship is expensive and may cause logistical problems. Supplying, repairing, and replacing lights can be complicated, and other factors must be considered, such as harsh environments, salty humidity, or extreme temperatures. To this end, Voltacon has specially customized reliable LED tubes and solutions.

    “In the past, these boats were equipped with fluorescent lights, but switching to LED lighting has many advantages. When it is at sea, it is difficult to purchase and store spare parts for lamps and lamps, but using LED lights can reduce costs and reduce maintenance costs and storage space. Because they have a longer service life and a lower failure rate."

    “In the long run, it also reduces energy consumption, which is very important for ships operating at low power.”

    “We are really proud to be able to install our lights on the Royal Navy’s fleet, including the British Queen Elizabeth, the latest British aircraft carrier, and the second aircraft carrier, the Prince of Wales, built in the Roses Navy. Shipyard," he added.

    Keith Young of the Department of Defense's Purchasing Agency, Defense Equipment and Support Department said: "Voltacon is a very small company compared to the company we usually deal with, but the company has very good products, which is very beneficial to us and very Flexible to ensure our orders are processed quickly so that the fixtures can be installed."

    According to the data, Ledison is the LED lighting division of the Voltacon Group. Voltacon UK Limited is a British company established in 2001 to focus on LED lighting, smart lighting and solar solutions. It has been certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI). Internationally recognized ISO9001 quality standards and ISO14001 environmental standards.