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The difference between American UL certification and ETL certification
- Aug 23, 2018 -

(1) What is the difference between UL and ETL?

Both UL and ETL represent products that pass the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) tests, meet the appropriate safety standards, and represent the students.

The manufacturer agrees to receive strict periodic inspections to ensure consistency of product quality. So the real difference lies in the service. As a customer of ETL,

You can enjoy tailor-made testing, inspection and certification services, fast cycle times and flexible working methods. We are creating and guest

Work more closely together to get your products to market faster, smoother and more efficiently.

ETL certification and UL certification have the same North American market access effectiveness, but ETL certification costs are much lower than UL certification, generally only UL certification

Half of it, and, ETL-certified product testing can be transferred through the CB test report, which can save you a lot of testing costs. ETL certification

It is also much shorter than UL certification. In special cases, ETL can issue certificates first, then conduct factory inspections to save valuables for the export of your products.


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(2) What is the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)?

Simply put, is a third-party experiment approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) for product testing based on current safety standards.

room. The role of nationally recognized testing laboratories is to provide independent assessment, testing and certification services for electrical and gas (fuel) products.

It is an accredited NRTL in the United States, an accredited testing organization and accrediting entity in Canada, and an accredited entity in Europe.

(3) Does the manufacturer have to obtain UL certification?

Do not! Many manufacturers mistakenly believe that they cannot choose other third-party testing partners, as long as they are employed by the Occupational Safety and Health Association.

(OSHA) approved NRTLs are available for testing, inspection and certification services. ETL's series of signs indicate that the product meets national standards.

(4) What can the ETL mark on the product indicate?

The ETL mark on the product indicates that the product has passed the ETL test and complies with the relevant standards. It is for distributors, retailers and consumers.

We purchased products certified by third-party testing.

(5) Will the retailer accept products with the ETL logo?

The ETL mark is proof that the product meets the mark, and ETL is also a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL), so there is no reason for the retailer not to accept it.

Products with the ETL logo. Some retailers or distributors also mistakenly believe that third-party testing organizations have no choice. ITS is changing

People's ideas and help companies get their products to market faster.

(6) Which retailers buy products with the ETL logo?

Most retailers in the world buy products with the ETL logo, and for them ETL has the same effect as UL.

(7) Which products does the ETL mark apply to?

ETL provides product safety testing covering a wide range of products, fields, and markets, including power tools, appliances, telecommunications and IT products, components,

Lighting, HVAC, medical equipment, toys, etc., it is recommended that you check out our list of product listings. The following companies' products use the ETL standard


Apple Computer Apple Computer


Conair Corp. Conair Group

Dell Computer Dell Computer

Eastman Kodak Kodak

Electrolux Electrolux

Ericsson Ericsson

General Electric General Electric

Panasonic Panasonic

Philips Philips

Pioneer Pioneer

Radio shack

(8) Which countries accept the ETL mark?

The ETL logo is widely accepted in the United States and Canada. From a global perspective, ETL is also authorized to use the corresponding product safety certification in other countries.

Signs, such as CE mark, GS mark, S mark, NOM mark, etc. Please check the individual logos for which flags are accepted by each country.

(9) Does the local prosecutor in North America know the ETL mark?

Because ETL is a nationally recognized testing laboratory accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), its logo is widely accepted.