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The Importance of Urban Street Lamps Transformation
- May 08, 2018 -

The city’s nighttime lighting is a reflection of the development of the city. If a city’s nighttime outdoor lamp shades age and turn yellow, the roads of the city’s main roads will be dimly lit, and the entire road’s illumination will decline, failing to reach national standards. The citizens that have passed since then have brought a lot of inconvenience, and have also affected the image of the city’s openness to a certain extent.

In order to completely change the status quo of urban street lighting, comprehensively improve the city's road lighting level, create a good city appearance, dress up the requirements of the city's night, and select the new green street lamp that is currently leading the technology in China's urban road lighting street lighting. Thoroughly change the status quo of road lighting in some cities.

The outdoor street lamp renovation project is required to undergo on-site survey and testing by the engineering technicians of the street lamp management company. The old yellow lampshades are all replaced. In order to complete the street lamp renovation task on time and on a quality and quantity basis, it is necessary to choose high quality and environmentally friendly outdoor street lamps. The city's new wind road welcomes guests in all directions with more beautiful night views.