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The market rhythm of LED landscape lights is very important
- May 08, 2018 -

With the development of the times, the LED landscape lighting industry is like entering an obvious rhythm switcher. The development advantages are becoming more and more obvious. More companies have also seen the industry's rising pattern, and many entrepreneurs have nerves. In a high degree of excitement, just like the rising stocks, we no longer consider smooth and safe speeding.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the market rhythm of the landscape lights is very important. Even the analysts of the WTO Research Institute all talked about the Chinese market and its marketing strategy: "The marketing ability is good or bad, mainly reflected in the mastery of market rhythm."

The rhythm of the LED landscape light market is a need for pre-judgment, more like a kind of ability to make the board. Can not be the same as the stock short-term speculation, see the trend of rising chase, see the fall to throw, chase the tight throw too fast. It is very likely that long-term sustainable development will be lost between the waves. Moreover, rising and earning are two different things and cannot be compared. Even if it rises even higher, some companies are losing money. It is also necessary to look at the balance and self-coordination of the street lamp manufacturers. Even if they are spotted, the starting point is better, that is, they are afraid that the balance and self-coordination will not be enough.