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The plant that lives in the light bulb,Full of art
- Jul 30, 2018 -

You love plants and love to decorate. However, potted plants and plants on vases have completely produced visual fatigue. Imagine using a discarded light bulb to make a small vase world. It is small and fresh, and it must cater to your taste. Planting plants is more convenient. It is also very good to hang on a high place. If you are ready, let Xiaoyou take everyone to see it. Let's live in the light bulb!

Although small bulbs cannot grow large plants, ferns are more than enough. On the basis of cleaning the wick and the inner bulb, put a little soil, then put in small plants such as moss and grass, use the steel wire to hold up the light bulb, and put it on the desk and desk.

Hanging plant bulbs on the balcony, a string of light bulbs, crystal clear. It can not only grow soil and grow plants, but also mix water and raise plants. It is full of transparency and plants grow vertically and head toward the sun.

Cactus plants can also be planted in light bulbs. On weekdays, the cactus is covered with thorns. It is covered with a light bulb and it is also very beautiful. These bulbs are full of creativity.

This kind of plant bulb is to plant the plant directly in the energized light bulb. It can solve the problem of lighting completely when it is energized in a place without sunlight. This lamp is completely a self-sustaining ecosystem, and it does not need a lot of care on weekdays.

 The light bulb that is hoisted is too dangerous, or it will be broken when it falls to the ground. It is especially careful. This light bulb uses a concave cover to prop up the bottom of the bulb. It is more artistic to slant the bulb plant.

Aquatic plants are cultured with light bulbs and have a poetic flavor. Clean the wick, insert a few aquatic plants, and fix it in a circular or not fixed bulb head with a foam or groove. It is also a beautiful landscape on the desk.

The aquatic plants are raised in the light bulb with the opening next to it, and then hung with the hemp rope. A home accessory that cannot be described as a beautiful word is placed in the home, adding a bit of anger and being greatly welcomed by the guests.

The lamp-style plant is very creative. Breeding ferns as light bulbs in light bulbs not only reduces the intense stimulation caused by lighting, but also alleviates visual fatigue. It is also more beautiful, and it is practical to control the switch.

It is good to grow plants in the bulb, but in the production process, it is necessary to deal with the extra parts in the bulb in detail, and pay attention to the sharp glass. The children in the family should choose carefully. In short, it is good to vote for it.