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Three types DMX RGB flood lights' advantage and disvantage
- Sep 18, 2018 -

  For a RGB flood light, it mainly contains 3 parts , LEDs, DMX decoder and power supply .

  According to the RGB light itself contains part ,we can divide them into 3 types.


  First,  DC24V type RGB light,  no power supply ,no dmx decoder included.

  Second, DC24V DMX RGB light , no power supply , with DMX decoder.


   Check the below picture, you can see for a whole system will have DMX controller →(Power suply)→ DMX decoder → RGB LED Chips. so if you choose a DC24V RGB , you will need use exterior DMX decoder and power driver . You will need work with the wire system and connect to the drivers. It wil be costly for high labour cost countries.  But DC24v type have better safety insurance and many countries have much loose  regulations for DC24V type.

DMX RGB&RGBW light wire connection.png

     Third ,  AC type DMX RGB light  , this type is inclued power drivers and DMX decoder, all you need to is connect the power cable to your mail power supply system like AC110V AC220V. And then connect the DMX signal cables to the DMX controller to control the lights.

DMX RGB Wire connection .png

Below is a simple project wire connection sample for AC type DMX RGB.  The main advantage for this type RGB Flood light is that it will be very easy to install and reduce the labour cost.