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UV violet, what is the role of purple light in each band?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The meaning of V is Ultra Violet, which is the shortest wavelength of light. Some bands are often called “black light” because the light in these bands is invisible to the human eye. UV is shorter than wavelength and X-ray. Long electromagnetic waves, which can be distinguished by human health and environmental impact, can be divided into three levels according to wavelength:

    UVC (200~280nm), also known as short-wave violet or bactericidal violet.

    UVB (280~315nm), also known as medium wave violet.

    UVA (315~400nm), also known as long-wave violet or "black light".

    It contains ultraviolet light in three bands of UVA, UVB and UVC, but due to the absorption of the ozone layer in the air, 99% of the ultraviolet light reaching the ground is in the UVA band.

    UV violet light for skin treatment

    Can be used for: allergies, eczema, jaundice and other skin diseases

    Phototherapy is a clinical method of treatment with light. In different ways, especially UV light has been used as an effective and universal light source to treat a range of diseases, including:, allergies, eczema, jaundice. In the process of phototherapy, the skin or damaged part of the patient is irradiated with different wavelengths of violet light according to the actual situation. Most of the wavelengths are in the range of UVA (315nm~410nm) or UVB (280nm~315nm). During use, UV light can promote the biological reaction of skin cells to grow too fast and kill the skin.

    One of the benefits of UV is that it can be stimulated and plays a very important role in promoting bone growth and calcium and phosphorus absorption, immune function and composition of blood cells. Vitamin D is due to skin exposure to sunlight and sunlight. Violet light, especially in the UVB band, is produced by the reaction of the skin. The vitamin D in the human body can be obtained by irradiating the skin with a transaction or UV light.