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Wall washers installation instructions and procedures
- Nov 12, 2018 -

LED wall washers need to pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

   1, need to pay attention to the coordination of color;

   2, to avoid glare, eliminate eye fatigue;

   3, to properly distribute the brightness of the light source: the ceiling light is bright, making people feel the space is increased, the ceiling light is dim, making people feel that the space is small and depressed;

   4, in the direction of the light and the choice of light intensity should be appropriate;

   5. The arrangement of the lights should be consistent with the height and environment of the ceiling. Generally between 50 and 150 lux;

led wall washer blue

External control wall washer controller installation wiring instructions:

   High-power LED wall washers can be installed in a single installation or in combination with multiple lamps. What happens to the installation of wall washers? Unreasonable installation of controller wiring can cause all fixtures to illuminate. Langliang lighting wall washer manufacturers explain how to properly install wiring for external control wall washers?

External control LED wall washer controller wiring instructions:

    The controller information line is a three-core cable, A1 is connected to blue, B1 is connected to green, and red is connected to GND. The signal must be from the male of the LED wall washer, the female is out, the power is two-core, and the two-core is brown. Connect the positive pole of the switching power supply to the negative pole of the switching power supply.

Warm White Wall Washer

LED wall washer use precautions

   1. LED wall washers are protected against shock during installation and transportation.

   2. Before installing the LED wall washer, ensure that the installation position can withstand 10 times the weight of the product. Installed in a place where there is no vibration, no sway, no fire hazard.

   3. LED wall washers use a power supply that matches the standard on the product.

   4. There are precision devices in the LED wall washer, please do not disassemble it.

   5. If the LED wall washer fails, please return it for repair.


Wall washing installation process

     1. Do the pre-installation work according to the location where the power supply is placed;

     2. Fix the fixture securely with screws;

     3. Connect the lamp to the power cord firmly, and the unused wire ends are wrapped with waterproof tape;

     4. When installing the wiring, a branch power supply can connect up to 8-10 wall washers in series; or 50 meters after another power cord;

     5. After the installation is complete, please check the installation line to confirm that the installation is correct. After no electrical short circuit, turn on the corresponding control power.