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What are the advantages of vegetables grown with plant lighting?
- Aug 18, 2018 -

There are several characteristics. The first biggest feature is that the vegetables grown in the plant factory are very safe. Only in a controlled environment, it is illuminated with LED lights. By artificially controlling its environment and nutrient solution, this is beyond green. Vegetable, and do not need to use any pesticides or herbicides in the plant, our nutrient solution avoids heavy metal pollution in traditional soil. The second feature, because we are artificially created shortcuts, the air is filtered, the water is purified, and the dust and bacteria are very low. The third characteristic is that the products of the plant factory are very fresh. Compared with the losses caused by long-distance transportation of other traditional agricultural plants, the plant factory is placed around the big city. It can be completed within 12 hours from the receipt of the table, and the effect of planting vegetables at the door of the house. it's the same.


In addition, compared with traditional agriculture, plant lighting factories can be customized. Traditional agriculture is limited by the fact that climate and temperature change all year round. Although greenhouse greenhouses can now eat anti-season products, plant factories have no concept of season. The products are the same throughout the year and are highly efficient.


We should have the thinking that the value of the vegetable factory and the ordinary vegetables are different. In Taiwan, the plants of the plant factory only need to be verified by rigorous scientific standard data. Indoors, the detection of air dust is a technical standard of one cubic centimeter of dust content of 100,000. If this standard is met, it is identified as clean. The standard of clean room is 10,000 dust per cubic centimeter, while the average food processing plant is 100,000. The plant factory is not a clean room, so it is enough for the plant to meet the environmental requirements of the food processing plant. The dishes that have come out have reached the standard of raw food.