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What is the potential of plant lighting?
- Aug 18, 2018 -

In recent years, plant factories have been increasingly sought after, and plant lighting has become more and more hot, and has gradually become a "blue sea" pursued by LED companies. How do LED industry people think about this big market segment, how to seize the opportunity to grab cake?

Recently, "2016 LED Light Source and Plant Lighting Technology Forum" was held. Osram, Cree and other industry executives attended the forum and discussed topics related to “plant lighting”.

Osram Wusen: Development Status of LED Plant Lighting Applications

Wu Sen, Senior Marketing Manager of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (China) Co., Ltd., showed the progress of LED plant lighting in the world from the perspective of the company. For how to choose LED for plant lighting, Wu Sen discussed from four major points:

♦ The first thing to look at is the spectrum and wavelength;

♦ Second, look at the light effect, the higher the light effect, the greater the impact on plants;

♦ Third, it depends on how to adjust the cost of the lighting system. At this time, the reliability of the LED will be greatly needed;

♦ Fourth, the plant lighting environment generally has higher humidity and higher or lower temperature. Then we need to consider the reliability of life to reduce the cost of maintenance of the entire lighting system. This is our standard for the use of LED plant growth lamps. .

In view of this, OSRAM also offers a full range of solutions dedicated to the future development of the field of plant lighting.

Kerui Lintie: High-power LED technology for plant lighting


Cree's LED plant lighting road is getting deeper and deeper. Lin Tie, Marketing Director of Shanghai Career Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd., gave a new presentation to the current research results of Cree in the speech, and provided solutions to the plant factory.

It is reported that Cree recently launched the new high-efficiency XLamp XQ-E and XP-E Photo Red LED, which is the industry's highest performance LED optimized for plant lighting. Compared with the previous products, the new XQ-E and XP-E Photo Red LEDs have a 21% increase in light output, providing agricultural lighting equipment manufacturers with higher performance products, reducing lamp size and reducing system cost.

Luo Xin Lighting Sun Kaijun: Plant Lighting in Landscape Lighting

Sun Kaijun, Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai Luoman Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., used a large number of engineering cases to interpret it. He believes that for the layout of plant lighting design, the most important thing is the composition of the plant and surrounding space, including the creation of the environment. "I am not reading design origins, nor reading professional lighting technology. I often analyze and understand the night landscape lighting with the perspective of a bystander and a sensation. The design is still the sensory thing, the most important plant lighting. I want to give people a feeling."

Wang Xianlong: How to establish a plant factory in China

In plant factories, everything can grow without relying on sunlight. It is understood that Kaiping Gusibei Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has already done three full-light plant factories in South China, and there are still three in progress.

General Manager Wang Xianlong tells everyone from the contrast between traditional agriculture and plant factories that plant lighting is very feasible in a limited space in the city. In order to be able to feed a growing world population in a sustainable manner, climate-smart agriculture and circular economy are essential.

In the case of a large number of plant factories, we have seen that the construction of plant factories in Japan is very useful for the development of the current industry. It is understood that there are more than 300 plant factories in Japan, and more and more profitable factories have developed their technology.


Zhou Huafang: Successful application of intelligent LED plant lights in plant cultivation

Dr. Zhou Huafang of Aisin Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. believes that as a new agricultural production mode, plant factories have begun to be used in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and other varieties and are accepted by more and more people. In the future, with the changes in China's agricultural industrial environment, the increase in urban population, and the lower cost of plant plant applications, plant factories are expected to usher in a golden period of development.

Wang Aiqun: Some Thoughts on the Application of Plant Lighting in Green Buildings and Eco-City

Wang Aiqun, deputy dean of the China Construction Design Group Lighting Planning Institute, gave a speech. Based on the work focus of the China Construction Design Group Lighting Planning Institute, she explored the sustainability of urban development from the perspective of urban master planning. She said that many management of Shanghai Greening City Bureau is at the forefront of China and actively communicates and communicates with internationally renowned institutions.

“In the development of eco-city lighting design, there are several major trends. First, it is more inclined to the full spectrum, the power should be smaller and not too big; second, the lighting design and art graphics should be combined, if there is control system light and shadow flashing And the rhythm frequency should be reasonably controlled; third, the lamps are smaller and more exquisite, suitable for hiding and interacting with plants; fourth, the angle of the lamp holder is adjustable, and the lighting control system should be intelligent and energy-saving."

Yang Qinghua: Ecological Thinking of Urban Night Plant Lighting

Yang Qinghua, director of the Horticultural Department of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, first interpret the current situation of urban night plant lighting application, and then explain the photosynthesis mechanism of plants from the perspective of plants, then explore the effects of light on plant growth and development, and study the plants themselves from the perspective of plant illumination. Growth and development effects. Finally, after he entered the society from artificial light sources, the potential impact brought about by it, led to thinking about the ecological environment.

"LED lights are more suitable for plant growth, and the light pollution of plants is weaker. Because of the application of landscape lighting, people are not only limited to going out during the day, but going out to enjoy another beauty at night, which will become more and more Become a normal."