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What is Grow Light Work Power/True work power and system power?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Unlike ordinary lighting, it is with decades of usage. LED grow lights are used recently years.

The market is kind of mass and without a standard.

What do you need to know when purchasing a led grow light?

First , you need to know what is system power and work power?

Many manufacturer and seller are selling the grow light by system watt. Like below light.

So call 100 pcs led , 10 watt led chip( actually 3 watt LED, there is 10w type on the market, but commonly used 3w to make this light), So call this light 1000w grow light , this 1000w is the system watt, calculated by led chips.  As the lamp body is using thin iron body.  the heat-dissipation is not good, the whole system real work power is only around 200w.   Actually it is just a 200w grow light.

HIGROW 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with Rope Hanger for Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic Plants Veg and Flower

1000w System watt  

200W real work watt


2, Choose good lamp body.

Good led grow light use aluminum body to ensure good heat-dissipation.

The low quality type grow light is using thin iron body and use cooling fan .


3, Choose good quality driver

 Ordinary grow light use no brand driver, which can not last long.

Good grow light use good drivers like Meanwell 

4, Warranty provide

For ordinary lighting, it is very common for the selller to provide 5 years warranty.

While for grow light , most of supplier provide 1-2 years warranty.

Why? Becaue most of the grow light are using Iron body , cheap drivers , cool fan , cheap led chip sometimes.

While 5 years warranty type grow light need good quality materials.

1, Stable Allumium heat-sink to last 5 years , no cool-fan.

2,   Good quality led chips

3, Use good drivers like Meanwell

5, To choose a real  ETL/UL grow light.

As no good Supervision, many supplier told buyer they ETL or UL, While they are using Iron lamp body + so call their own drivers+cool fan . and sell system watt. that is not true. Cool fan type can not pass UL/ETL Safety test. And UL/ETL require sell work power , can not sell system watt. 

Shenzhen Rio Tinto Opto-electronics Technology Co., Limited sell real ETL listed grow light with 5 years warranty.

our ETL listed LED grow light.

1, Meanwell drvier+ SMD3030 leds chips.

2, Aluminum heat-sink no cooling fan design.

3, IP66 canopy type and IP67 linear type.

4,Real working power, compared to fake work power on the market.

 Any need, contact us for price and details

Our ETL Grow lightCommon type grow light
Must with real worke powerAll fake work power
Must with UL Driver like MeanwellUse low quality driver and fan
Use Best quality UL PCB,lens,cablesLow quality materials
IP67 Waterproof, can test in the waterNeed to stay away with any water
Alluminum body,good heat dissipationIron body,need cooling fan
Save money for cooling fan Cooling fan, noisy and not stable
5 Years warranty1-2 years warranty


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