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Why do you need to use LED plant lights for plant light?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

This question reminds me of the first contact with the word LED plant growth lamp. Plant lights, what stuff? The first reaction is that it should be used for landscape decoration. After all, it is not a waste to put a sun there, without the sun, and to use artificial light to fill the plants.

        Plant growth requires photosynthesis, which we learned in junior high school, everyone knows. So I got a deeper understanding. Think about the contingency and destruction of natural disasters. Think about why there are more and more greenhouses planted. I think that the farming method of “facing the loess back to the sky” has gradually disappeared from our generation, but now we are now Still delicious and delicious, it seems to understand what.

        The use of plant lights has been around for a long time. Why do you need to use LED plant lights to illuminate plants? Can't incandescent lights? Can't you light a candle?

      HPS VS LED Grow Light.png  OK, as long as it can be white light, it is ok. Because plants mainly carry red and blue light for photosynthesis, they all have red and blue light in white light. People who have been in junior high school know that there is not much explanation here. So in theory, incandescent lamps and candles can also be used to give plants not only light.

        But think carefully, if you use a candle as a plant light, you can meet the plant photosynthesis needs without falsification, while burning can provide photosynthesis for another participant "carbon dioxide", but how many candles are needed for photosynthesis in a greenhouse? To produce too much heat, it is necessary to take special large-scale cooling measures, one careless and fire hazard...

        If you use incandescent lamps to make plant lights, it is much better than candles. However, the freely small amount of red and blue spectrum in the spectrum emitted by incandescent lamps is an effective spectrum of photosynthesis in plants, and most of the light energy is wasted.

        The plant lamps that are improved step by step are also fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, etc., which are gradually replaced by LED plant lights because they contain harmful metal substances, have low luminous efficiency, short life span, and are not energy-saving and environmentally friendly. .

        Because LED plant lights can solve the problem that other plant growth lights can't solve, but the price of LED plant lights is still relatively high, and there is no large-scale application to plant lighting fill light, but I believe this smart and innovative race - Human beings will surely make a major breakthrough in the use of LED plant lights for plant lighting.

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