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Why is the price gap of the same LED plant lights so big?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

     We found that the same product, at least on the surface, seems to be the same product, and its price will vary by tens to hundreds. It will be dumbfounded, because the appearance and general parameters do not see any flaws.


        What makes the price difference between LED plant lights that look the same so big? For the plant lamp product, the price gap is nothing more than the following three points: raw materials, technology, manufacturers and middlemen, but the price difference between the larger plant lamps is obviously not the relationship between the manufacturers and the middlemen, they are all the same products. Agents do not have any advantages and will not be agents. Then it will only be a factor of raw materials and technology.


        Raw materials cause LED plant lamp price gap


        (1) LED plant light chip: In an LED plant growth lamp, the core component is non-wafer, it can be said that any other component is serving the wafer. Due to the unevenness of LED plant lamp chip manufacturers, the difference between the produced lamp beads is also very large. It is also a 1W chip. From the price point of view, there are a few cents, there are 2 hairs, and even 5 hairs.

 三防灯 认证.JPG

        (2) LED plant light heat sink: radiator, ordinary fan price will be cheaper, plant light special heat sink cooling effect will be much better, of course, its price will be higher.

The use of internal thermal conductive materials, generally better thermal conductivity of materials will be more expensive, conversely, poor thermal conductivity, will cause great damage to the wafer, reduce the use of plant lights, point to its service life.

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        (3) LED plant growth lamp shell: the effect of the shell material on heat dissipation, if the plastic material is used, it is not conducive to the heat transfer of heat in the LED plant lamp. If metal material is used, there will be no such concern.

On the other hand, during the installation of the Transportation Bureau, the metal casing is safer and the protection of the luminaire is much higher than that of the plastic casing.


        (4) Plant growth lamp lens: At present, the material of the lens is mainly glass and plastic, and the price and effect of the glass lens are higher than that of the plastic lens.


        Technical factors cause LED plant lamp price gap


        (1) Chip packaging technology: At present, COB technology is often used, because it is relatively simple and fast, and its packaging process and process flow can be simple and complicated, but undoubtedly refined operation will increase production cost.


        (2) Lens technology: The choice of lens material has been said before, but it can be divided into "single lens" and "retest lens" according to the number of lenses used in LED plant lights. A single lens uses only one lens, and a retest lens uses two or more lenses to form a combination. Although it is used for collecting light, the re-exposure lens has better light collecting effect and light uniformity, and at the same time. Also higher.


        (3) Others: lamp led chips ratio: the same is 1W LED plant light chip, red led chip is slightly more expensive than blue light bead; whether there are additional functions to increase cost, such as: wifi remote control, lamp led chip group switch, use chrysanthemum Chain connection.


        The same appearance of the LED plant lamp can achieve the same power, the same light intensity, but the price is too outrageous may be other reasons. The shape of the metal casing can be made with a plastic casing, or it can be sprayed into the same shape, but to ensure the same effect, the same service life is impossible.