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Xiaomi ecological chain launched Mijia ceiling lamp
- Jul 19, 2018 -

On May 17, 2018.the Xiaomi Eco-chain released the Mijia LED ceiling lamp, which is priced at 399 yuan.

Mijia ceiling lamp adopts 72 pcs LED chips, the light is even and pure; support warm light and cold light (2700K to 5700K) freely adjustable; support AI voice control switch lights.

This ceiling light is suitable for use in rooms up to 25 square meters, with a free adjustment of brightness from 0.3lm (lumen) to 2200lm, and is also equipped with daylight and moonlight modes.


In the form of daylight, whether it is cold or warm, even if it is the darkest, it can satisfy the needs of daily lighting. In the form of moonlight, it can be used as a night light, and the brightness is infinitely adjusted within the range of 0.3lm-120lm. It is very suitable for children who are afraid of black, mothers who are breastfeeding at night, and whites that start at night.

The control method is also diverse and user-friendly, supporting the wall switch (third gear), remote control (single house), mobile APP, Xiaoai speaker, Xiaoai Mini, Yeelight voice assistant, Xiaomi bracelet, etc., Xiaomi bracelet identification After the user falls asleep, he can actively turn off the lights.

The Mijia LED ceiling lamp adopts WiFi+Bluetooth dual-mode drive, which can link the Mijia smart home equipment, interlock with the door and window sensor and the human body sensor, and push the door open. Some people may pass the period, and the ceiling lamp will illuminate actively. It can also be used as a Bluetooth gateway to connect the Mijia Bluetooth device to the Internet, and to check the data of Bluetooth products such as Mijia temperature and humidity sensor and smart door lock.

In terms of small functions, the Mijia ceiling lamp reaches IP50 dustproof, and it can handle the problem of flying insects and dust accumulation in the lampshade.

Finally, the support is fast, the base of the ceiling lamp and the lamp body are coupled by a snap-fit structure.