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Good Feedback From Client For Our Custom Made Spectrum For Canabis
- Nov 14, 2018 -

We just got very positive feedback from our UK client Mark White.

We have did two spectrums for him . One spectrum is provide the client himself and another one is the bloom spectrum we adviced is provide by our side.

Rio Tinto provide professional solution for growing cannabis, vegetables, tomatoes ,potatoes etc.

Here is his feedback: 

 good medicinal extraction ..the bloom spectrum very good,


hi Jeff..the spectrum above is the experimental first supplied, no good for grow but high IR and UV relevant as to increase potency and aromas, so this is like a finisher spectrum, still testing...i built test rig with x3 pcb and plugged into the other 200w also experimental spectrum. Seems to work very good, have passed it on to be tested by the public.

  The bloom spectrum your engineer suggested is very good, just awaiting results but it looks good with very dense resin production. Does your engineer have a spectrum that he would recomended for growing cannabis, i have tested the bloom and im interested in testing some pcbs if he has suggestion.

  Also has your engineer a spectral graphic of the first custom spectrum i ordered, interested to read the data..hope alls cool with you,  Friday's here 😎🤙..have a good weekend..


marijuana bloom

marijuana bloom 2