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How To Use A DMX RGBW Controller Software To Control The RGB&RGBW Light?
- Dec 13, 2018 -

Many type DMX RGBW controllers require control with a computer. And it is kind of complicated 

to use the software to control the lights.

Rio Tinto are very professional to provide support for this. Here is some steps to be followed:

Firstly: You need to write the address code for the 

Secondly: You need to contact all the lights to the DMX controller

DMX light to controller

Thirdly ,open the software and check the lights are connected to the DMX controller on the softeware.


Then , Enter the software to set up the effect you want.

At last , save the set up and then you can unplug with the computer , the DMX controller can work without the computer then.

Under our instruction, Our Malaysia client Resh was successful to use the DMX controller to control the DMX RGBW lights he ordered. 

Rio Tinto alwasy provide good prodcuts and service.