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Led Modular Case Flood Light

Led Modular Case Flood Light 1. High bright LED chips output 130-140lm/w. 2. Aluminum body has excellent heat dissipation, effectively prolongs lamp lifespan. 3. External waterproof LED driver with over-temp., over-current, overload protection function. 4. IP67 good waterproof performance. 5. No...

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Product Details

Led Modular Case Flood Light

1. High bright LED chips output 130-140lm/w.
2. Aluminum body has excellent heat dissipation, effectively prolongs lamp lifespan. 
3. External waterproof LED driver with over-temp., over-current, overload protection function.
4. IP67 good waterproof performance.
5. No UV, no infrared, no mercury and other hazardous substances for health and environment.
6. Metal bracket allows flexibly installation including wall-mounted and ground.

High power 1000w led flood light 2.jpgHigh power 1000w led flood light1.jpg

Production Information

Items No




LED Chip



>80Ra >70Ra



Luminous  flux

≥ 108000-116000lm



Work Temp

-20 ~ +40°C

Life Span


Power Supply

Mean well Driver


5 Years


Ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting projects, including billboards, show windows, gardens, landscape, warehouses, security lighting, hall, garden, construction building, road, street, bridge, highways, expressway, viaduct, crossroad, footpaths, squares, villa, campus, hotel, dock, yacht club, building lighting, square, hotels, landscape lighting, stage cast light, factories, commercial lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets, railway tunnels, bridges, stadiums, trees, parking lots, building walls, display, backlight and so on.




Some news about led light

In fact, making an LED street light is not complicated, but if you want to do well, you must strictly control each link. Whether it is from product design, selection of raw materials, assembly of lamps and lanterns, every link must be improved.

Those unscrupulous manufacturers who are barking dogs, cutting corners, and shoddy packaging are destined not to go long, and talking with quality is king.

In fact, some customers are not very clear about the situation of LED street lamps and lanterns, and sometimes they see that there are two similar products with very different prices, and they will all buy cheap ones. But do not think about why the price will vary so much.

Only see the immediate benefits and vested interests, but do not want how long a lamp worth tens of dollars can use?Large-scale use of LED street lights will save society a lot of energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In the future, semiconductor lighting will become the "main force" of China's energy-saving emission reduction business. The growth of LED street light manufacturers is bloated, but the quality is uneven, and dragon snakes are mixed. Some people are picking up, shoddy, lower the market price, want to fish, a lot of conscience LED street light manufacturers in the face of such unscrupulous manufacturers headache.

Waterproof tested

Waterproof flood Light.png


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We are professional high power LED lighting designer and manufacture  ETL LM-79 LISTED

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